Preparation Steps to Your Successful Goals

The truth is that success in our life truly comes we have goals that are clear, a plan that is sound and a determination that when things get tough,

we REFUSE to give up.

Happy New Year Ladies

Below are optional steps to get started with your preparation for our Meeting next Friday morning.

With over 30 years of experience working with others in setting strategic lifestyle goals, I am honoured to share a little of my success techniques with you.

What I am providing you with on this page is completely optional, and not required to be completed before Friday.

However, I do wish for you to consider that it is important that youremember YOU are worth investing time in YOURSELF. The commitment you make to yourself to take serious action will be the first of success steps you will take to get from where you are to where you want to go.

So have fun!


Dream Big Vision & Goal Setting Worksheet
  1. Download the Dream Big Vision & Goal Setting Worksheet
  2. Watch the Mind Map Video for instructions (Start at 42 seconds)
  3. Begin your Dream Big Success work…

NOTE: Cornerstone Ladies, only 1 goal is needed for Friday’s Cornerstone Women’s Network Meeting. These downloadable sheets and excercises are optional, simply my gift to you.


We have made available to you the downloadable “Wheel of Life Assessment” for your reference.

This does not need to be completed prior to our Meeting on Friday.

It is a tool that you can use to assess your overall current life situation.

Understanding the reason for the Wheel of Life

Once you have assessed the strengths and weaknesses in the 5 main areas (10 sub-areas) of your life you will be better able to know which areas of your life require specific goals to increase your score. For example, you may have a high Business Success score, but your Marriage or Significant Other is low. Or yo may be successful with a high score in your Recreation/Fun, but you would really like to do more in Community Involvement.

When we physcally take the time to assess our current situation we can more clearly see the direction we want to take in our future.

You can then set goals that align with changing that low score.

My Mission

To empower and equip you to uncover your unfulfilled desires

and turn your personal potential into success so you can live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.