Understanding a Solo-preneurial Business Strategist

What is a Business Strategist?

The primary role of a business strategist is to assist you in developing practical, purposeful and efficient strategies to assist you in reaching the vision for your ideal business. By helping you clarify your vision, core value, skills, talents and weaknesses together we develop functional, attainable goals with strategic plans to attain a successful and profitable company.

Solopreneur vs. Entrepreneur

While all solopreneurs are entrepreneurs, all entrepreneurs are not solopreneurs.

By definition, an entrepreneur is an individual who starts and runs their own business. Often, they either contract out aspects of their business, and/or have employees to manage some aspects of their business. A solopreneur, however, is just that solo… they do and manage all aspects of their business. Someone may start as a Solo-preneur and as their business grows, and staff is required they take that leap and hire or contract out aspects of their business to facilitate the growth.

Why Hire a Business Strategist – The Solo-preneurial Challenge

One of the greatest challenges Solopreneurs that have already launched their business have is that it is difficult for them to maintain a single business focus. Solopreneurs tend to start their businesses to offer a specific niche offering and are focused on building a steady customer base to keep their business profitable. However, because they are solely responsible for producing and delivering the products or services offered to keep their business afloat they can tend to veer off into directions that do not produce the results they original intended for their business aspirations to attain.

For those who are ready to Start their own businesses but are not sure where to begin, sharing your thoughts and God-given ideas with someone who has been where you are, is a sure fired way to get from concept to launch. Clarifying the vision, narrowing your niche and obtaining a simple step by step plan is crucial in the start of phase, especially if managing a tight budget is necessary. Hiring the right Business Strategist Coach is the foundation of a successful start. Even though you are a Solo-preneur it does not mean you have do start your successful business alone. Sandra can work with you from concept through launch to realization.

Why Choose to Work with Sandra as your Business Strategy Coach?

Sandra is an effective Christian consultant that positions herself with the right individual who desire to step into their place of pre-eminence in the area of their greatest passion and desire.

Through her career, Sandra has had a variety of professions from Executive Assistant, Event Planner, Marketing Specialist, Certified National Coach and as well as wide variety of multi level marketing businesses and entrepreneurial accomplishments.

In addition to her successful entrepreneurial endeavours, Sandra has been in Ministry (as an Ordained Christian Minister) for over 30 years. Through this time, she has held positions such as a Children’s, Youth, Associate and Lead Pastor all of which provided ample opportunities for coaching, mentoring and teaching to a varied individuals from children and youth, family counselling, marriage counselling and personal development all in accordance with God’s Word.

What sets Sandra apart from other Entrepreneurial Business Coaches?

Sandra is well versed in both Ministry of God’s Word, business and in life application principles. She has a comprehensive understanding of professional industry, trade, commerce and small business, both in the start processes and operations of existing business.

Further, Sandra is very well connected with many of the top on-line Social Media strategist to help establish her client’s on-line presence as well, which involves consulting with management and acting as a support resource to the business. Over the past four years Sandra has studied and educated herself to develop an extensive awareness of the online world, including but not limited to, funnels, customer relations data bases, email marketing funnels, brand awareness and has an exclusive knowledge of a tremendous variety of software applications for business development and growth.

Those who have worked with Sandra in their business development have also found tremendous personal growth, balance and harmony in their life. Learning to live with the Lord at the centre of every minute, every day and every decision has brought peace and confidence which has led to prosperity in all areas of life.

  • One on One Coaching

What Does Sandra Do?

By definition a coach is a person who trains, a private tutor who prepares a student and a person who teaches and instructs, and a mentor is a mentor is a wise and trusted counselor, teacher or an influential who would be a senior sponsor or supporter.

Sandra is the best of both because she will take you through the strategic growth process of a coach, but with a heart and a love from the Lord she will lovingly encourage reaching into a relationship level to help bring you to the other side to attain victory.

Why Work with Sandra …

Unlike some other Life-style coaches, all the process, training, teaching and procedures are Biblically based and founded on God’s Holy written Word (The Bible). The wisdom from our Heavenly Father is full of peace and love and is gentle and it is impartial.

It is with this same love that I am able to help bring you to a place where you know that you have the victory, that God gives you the desires in your heart and that He is faithful to fulfill those desires.

As a child of God, submitted to the anointing of Jesus and led by Holy Spirit, I endevour to lead and guide with His wisdom. God has permitted me insight and direction to help others become all that He desires for them to be.

In addition to the practical training and mentoring of other coaches, Sandra will also teach you:That you are loved, needed and wanted

– God’s love is unconditionally
– How God’s desires you to be prosperous
– That Health and Healing belongs to you
– That you can accomplish great things
– That you are not alone, and God is on your side
– As a Christian you have favour beyond measure
– That prosperity does belong to you

Through her courses, classes, workshops and coaching, she will help you develop systems and habits to support good health, increase your finances and live in an organized environment to achieve balance and harmony in every area of your life.

She will show you that you no longer need to live defeated, hurt, angry, lonely, depressed – that joy and peace are real and belong to you as a Christian.

Coaching Packages

All sessions are available:

  • One-on-One -Face to Face (available locally)
  • One-on-One -Via Skype
  • Live Group Mentoring Sessions


Single Session

1 Hour Session
Cost: $150

One Month Package

Total 4 hours – This can be taken in Four 1-hour session or Two 2-hour sessions
Cost: $550

Six Month Package

Total 24 hours – This can be taken in 1-hour session or 2-hour sessions, which can be schedule by the month
Cost: $3000

Benefits of Lifestyle Coaching

If you are considering using a life coach, it is prudent to discern what the benefits are and how a life-coach can help you to get from where you are today, to where you would like to be.

Lifestyle Coaching is a method where we look at all aspects of your life, marriage, relationships, personal well being (spiritual and physical, business/career) and decipher what your true desires are in each area.

Lifestyle Coaching is a process where you can conquer your fears, overcome doubts, learn how to discern and defeat bad habits and find success in every area of your life.

What You Can Expect from Lifestyle Coaching

A life coach has a way of bringing you to a point where you can learn to be transparency with yourself. Often time we hide the real us, even from ourselves. Through the intimate relationship acquired in the life-coaching exercises you learn to discover and uncover who you really are and become the true transparent, authentic you.

Often, we have many thoughts and ideas and struggle to select the ones we really want. Clarifying for yourself what exactly it is you want out of life is one of the greatest battles. When we work through the vision process and come to an understanding of what God’s desire is for you, then you can own your life and begin to build a solid plan with that clarity. Clarity is power for your future.

I have worked with many individuals over the years as both a Life Coach and a Mentor. Going through the processes needed to change your situation and circumstances is challenging and hard work. The progress you make is entirely up to you, however as your coach I am there to help get you through the hard places and celebrate the wins. Your process will result in feeling better about yourself, more confidence and having a greater sense of security. Your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ will be better than ever and you will see that the life in front of you is full of joy and excitement.

Many people will not accomplish what their true desires unless there is some level of accountability. A life-coach can be that accountability partner who will encourage you along the life journey to attain your heart desired goals.

As a Life-Coach I can provide insight and offer impartial input into your life situations. I can help you find the alternative ways to leap over what seems to be daunting circumstances and roadblocks. The only partiality that is genuinely a part of the Life-style Coaching I offer, is that it’s based on God’s Word and the truth offered in the Bible. That is the foundation for all growth, training and input.

There are times when we have questions about the bible and how it relates to us personally. With my years of studying Gods word and then teaching, training and mentoring, there is much wisdom and insight I can provide. This is what separates me from other Lifestyle Coaches. I am the ‘real-deal’ working with the Wisdom of God and the inspiration of Holy Spirit.

Preparing for Your Coaching Session

What happens before your coaching session

Since we work with you to help you move forward and brake down the barriers that are holding you back, it helps if you have taken Course #1 and completed all Success work. Knowing your personality type, your Love Languages as well as your strengths, weakness and goals helps us to work together to achieve your greatest possible success.

However, for those who desire one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring, worksheets will be provided to you in advance of your initial coaching session. Additional worksheets will be provided for any ensuing coaching sessions.

If you purchase one of our packages, you will receive a series of downloadable worksheets as the sessions progress.For our time together to be effective, the worksheets need to be completed before each session.

What happens in your coaching session?

We first work together to determine the desired goals for your coaching time and then set the agenda that will suite the time you have in your Coaching Package.

Based on the information you have acquired and assessed through the course, or the provided worksheets, we can work together to further sort through the areas of your life that are the weakest and you wish to work through.

A strategic plan will be developed for your short and long-term life goals and make the necessary life-style changes to help you successfully attain the outcome you desire.

Obtain Clarity on What You Really Want In Life

Knowing this is the greatest hurdle of all.

When we define:

  • Our priorities in life
  • What our true desired career path is
  • Which relationships are important
  • Where we want our health, fitness and finances to be

When we truly identify these, then we can stop tolerating life and start living it. As your Lifestyle Coach we can explore together the answers to these types of questions and clearly identify what you truly love and want to do with your life. God’s desire is for you to seek Him, discover your life plan and set true value-based goals then prioritize your action steps so that you have genuine accomplishment to living a healthy, prosperous and balance lifestyle.

While there are many forms of coaching taking the one-to-one coaching provides that personal touch where you can divulge the personal and intimate areas of your life that you may not wish to discuss in a group format. I am an unbiased source, who relies on the wisdom of Holy Spirit.

Together we can help you discern and see the victory you can have in any situation by being forward focused. In doing so you can achieve positive results in every area of your life.

Give yourself permission to discover who you
really are and what you really want … YOU are worth it

Life is busy and we all to often are focused on doing things for others, (our spouse, our children, our employers).

One-on-One coaching or Determine your Destiny Courses afford you the opportunity to focus on yourself.

In these sessions a space is proved for you to think about you, your thoughts and feeling and discern what is important to you.