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What is Desiderata?

Desiderata is the plural desideratum means “things wanted or needed”.

To bring greater clarity, lets review some of the synonyms which are; essentials, necessities, requisites, sine qua nons, and when extrapolated include words such as; essential, fundamental, prerequisite, imperative, precondition … you get the idea.

These downloadable documents are filled with information that are essential to help assist you in your growth in your walk with the Lord. We already know that the Word is an indispensable condition, element, or factor, in our lives and it is something essential to our personal growth and development as Christians in renewing our minds…. Right????

However, there are times where we need specific words of encouragement to build up our Spirit in any of the 10 areas pertinent to our balanced and fulfilled lifestyle. For example; to grow in any one of these areas we need specific words that pertain to our health and healing, to our peace of mind and to the growth of our self worth. We may need confirmation declarations about our marriage or spouse, about our relationships about our career or our boss, and you will find them here.

Renewing our mind to the Word of God is paramount in our living in this world and overcoming the obstacles we face every day. It is for this reason that I have both prepared and acquired these FREE downloadable Desiderata for you. They are all Biblically based, loaded with scriptures that will feed your Spirit, encourage you and help renew your mind.

…… Enjoy my gift to you!