Lifestyle Coaching is a process where you can conquer your fears, overcome doubts, learn how to discern and defeat bad  habits and find success in every area of your life.

We look at all aspects of your life, marriage, relationships, personal well being (spiritual and physical, business/career) and decipher what your true desires are in each area.


Workshops are short on-day, 4-hour classes in which we begin the self discovery process and then get busy writing goals and creating your vision board.

… it’s a great start to your future success.


God has a divine purpose and plan for our lives it’s our responsibility to discover that plan so we can live a fulfilled life using all of our skills,
talents and abilities. Until we discover what our root driving passion is and begin to live out of that passion we will never be fulfilled.

Determine Your Destiny Courses courses take you through a very strategic, self discovery processand are designed to help you clearly define what the true desires of your heart are.

Refresher Weekends

Many ladies engage and partake in our various workshops and courses. Un-like other programs and courses offered, the content and personal self discover throughout the process creates a bond between individuals.

Also, this strategic process is not a one-time type program. Ongoing support and encouragement is vital to the personal growth and development you have begun.