About My Refresher Weekends

Our Weekends are Friday Evening to Sunday Afternoon. The key sessions are Friday & Saturday. For those who wish to return home for their own Church services, feel free to do so. For those who wish to have a little bit of a sleep in, a nice breakfast followed by our own Church Worship Service, we invite you to stay. You will be richly blessed.

Who is this weekend for?

Refresher Weekends are designed for those ladies who have taken one or more of my courses or workshops and want to refocus again for their future. However, any woman who wants to join are more than welcome.

What happens on our Refresher Weekends?

Life gets busy and often we let our good intentions to progress with our Vision and Goals slide. Our weekends bring together women from all areas of life to enjoy and inspiring weekend to refresh our focus on our goals and retarget ourselves to attain our successful future. Our TECH-FREE (no cell phones or computers) weekend contains many components.

Build your self worth

Re-focus your future

Set your goals

Make new friends and


It is for these reasons that I offer our Annual Refresher Weekend. In addition to encouraging words from Sandra Dalziel, we often will have guest speakers to further inspire and bless you. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet other ladies who have taken the Determine Your Destiny Courses and have come together to share their thoughts and receive encouragement, come into the presence of the Lord Jesus and make new friends.

Christ-Centre Focus

If you have taken any of my courses, programs or attended any of my workshops, you already are aware that everything I do and teach is founded on the Holy Bible.

The refresher weekend is no exception.

Each session is opened and closed in prayer, scriptures are shared and there is a time of Holy Spirit led prayer each morning for those who wish to participate.

Group Sessions

Keeping your dreams and passions alive is what will keep you moving forward to achieve your personal success.

Sandra has a unique ability to motivate you to keep-going and to overcome the life hurdles we all face.

In addition to Sandra’s encouragement you will hear from other key-note speakers who will communicate success strategies in a simple and practical way that will build up your self-worth and confidence.

Break Out Sessions

Many ladies engage and partake in our various workshops and courses.

Unlike other programs and courses offered, the content and personal self discover throughout the process creates a bond between individuals. Also, this strategic process is not a one-time type program.

Ongoing support and encouragement is vital to the personal growth and development you have begun.

These breakout sessions include topics such as: Re-visiting our Vision Board, SMART Goal Setting, Confession Coaching, Building Personal Self Esteem, Brain Re-train and so much more. …bring your vision board for a ‘spruce-up’

Friends & Fellowship

This is a great opportunity to come with friends and make new friends, to be inspired and be an inspiration.

We each have something to offer and share with each other and there is plenty of time over our weekend to build relationships, in the workshops, over a meal or out for a walk.

Private Reflection Time

Surrounded by beauty and nature, Sandra selects venues that allow you to have the quiet time to reflect on the teachings provided as well as allow you time too focus on your future.

Whether it is walks in the woods, enjoying the comfort of your room or visiting a quiet chapel you are able to get-away from your busy life and just reflect, read your Bible or journal.

Spa & Treatments

When possible, venues are chosen that offer the finer amenities that we sometimes do not give ourselves permission to enjoy.

Any information on these services can be acquired from the venue directly.