The Real Success Secrets

The REAL Success Secret is that the it is not a secret. . .

The truth is that my success secrets are all based on God’s Word. That’s right!!!!

Did you know that the Bible is from the most published book in the entire world.*And it is packed full of life changing principles that we all need to live our healthy, successful, fulfilled, balanced, prosperous life.

In this “Success Secrets” page you will find two sections

Dime Time

The first is a series of mini messages I like to call “Dime Time”.

Have you ever heart the phrase “A penny for your thoughts?”

Well these 10 minute-mini messages are sharing with you my thoughts in relation to God’s Word as it pertains to your life-success.

Magnificent Messages

I make it my personal mission to hear, know and listen to incredible, life changing messages from wonderful Ministers, Pastors and Prophets in the Kingdom. It would be selfish of me to keep these incredible words from the Lord Jesus from you … So, I won’t

These are longer messages, so grab a beverage, a snack, your bible and notebook….trust me you will need your notebook for these life-changing messages. Be Blessed.

You Have The Victory

The victory is yours and the battle is the Lords. As you step out in the direction you are meant to go, doors will open for you that you never expected.

This is what the LORD says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s. 2 Chronicles 20:15

Share Your Thoughts

Disclaimer: Sandra Dalziel is an Ordained Minister and not a license counsellor. All encouragement given is based on wisdom, experience, personal testimony and a foundation on the Word of God. All references and guidance will be offered based on what God has said in His written Word.