Coaching Consult Preparation

If you are on this page, it is because you have already scheduled a Coaching Consult appointment with me. To make the best use of our time together, please answer the questions provided below.

Coaching Call Preparation Questions

It will be my pleasure to assist you and getting you started in the next steps of your success.

  1. To the best of your ability answer the questions provided
  2. These will be reviewed in advance of our time together.
  3. Additonal questions may be asked during our time together.
  4. If you have specific questions or direction you desire, please state this at the beginning of your coaching session.

I look forward to our time together.


How to Contact Sandra

Sandra Dalziel

Hours of Operation

(Eastern Time)

Monday–Friday: 8:00-19:00
Saturday: 8:00-14:00
Sunday: closed

If you have not scheduled our time together please follow this link to create a Coaching Appointment.

Coaching Session Pre-Preparation Questions

Which of Sandra Dalziel’s Courses or Workshops are you enrolled? Select all that apply.

Answer all that apply to you.

Have you had success in your goal setting? Check 1-10 (Ten being very successful)

V.I.P. Clients

If you have signed up for the VIP Session, please also answer the following questions.

As a part of the Vision Board Creation & Goal Setting Workshop you have been provided with 4 Success Sheets, please identify which ones you have been able to complete.

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Please select submit to send off your answers.

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Coaching Consult Preparation Information

Preparing for Your Coaching Session

What happens before your coaching session

Since we work with you to help you move forward and brake down the barriers that are holding you back, it helps if you have taken Course #1 and completed all Success work. Knowing your personality type, your Love Languages as well as your strengths, weakness and goals helps us to work together to achieve your greatest possible success.

However, for those who desire one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring, worksheets will be provided to you in advance of your initial coaching session. Additional worksheets will be provided for any ensuing coaching sessions.

If you purchase one of our packages, you will receive a series of downloadable worksheets as the sessions progress.For our time together to be effective, the worksheets need to be completed before each session.

What happens in your coaching session?

We first work together to determine the desired goals for your coaching time and then set the agenda that will suite the time you have in your Coaching Package.

Based on the information you have acquired and assessed through the course, or the provided worksheets, we can work together to further sort through the areas of your life that are the weakest and you wish to work through.

A strategic plan will be developed for your short and long-term life goals and make the necessary life-style changes to help you successfully attain the outcome you desire.

Obtain Clarity on What You Really Want In Life

Knowing this is the greatest hurdle of all.

When we define:

  • Our priorities in life
  • What our true desired career path is
  • Which relationships are important
  • Where we want our health, fitness and finances to be

When we truly identify these, then we can stop tolerating life and start living it. As your Lifestyle Coach we can explore together the answers to these types of questions and clearly identify what you truly love and want to do with your life. God’s desire is for you to seek Him, discover your life plan and set true value-based goals then prioritize your action steps so that you have genuine accomplishment to living a healthy, prosperous and balance lifestyle.

While there are many forms of coaching taking the one-to-one coaching provides that personal touch where you can divulge the personal and intimate areas of your life that you may not wish to discuss in a group format. I am an unbiased source, who relies on the wisdom of Holy Spirit.

Together we can help you discern and see the victory you can have in any situation by being forward focused. In doing so you can achieve positive results in every area of your life.