Preparation Steps for Your Future Planning – DREAM BIG

The truth is that success in our life truly comes we have goals that are clear, a plan that is sound and a determination that when things get tough, we REFUSE to give up.

Your Commitment

Below are the first steps to get started with your preparation for our Workshop.

I know we do not know each other well, yet, but I am asking you to trust me in these pre-preparations steps. I’ve spent the last 30+ years doing all of this work in my own life…trial and error-ed my way through to discover what works. I’ve tested these vision and goal-setting steps with many clients, who have share rave reviews about what the process has done for them. Check out their testimonials.

It is important that you know that these all take dedicated time, energy and thought, so you are going to need to set aside a little alone time to actually get the Success Sheets done. The more you accomplish before the Workshop, the greater the experience will be for our time together.

You are worth investing time in yourself. The commitment you make to yourself between now and our workshop to take serious action will be the first of success steps you will take to get from where you are to where you want to go.


Dream Big -Wheel of Life-Mind-Map Success Sheets

  1. Download the Dream Big Worksheet
  2. Watch the Mind Map Video for instructions
  3. Begin your Dream Big Success work…

Keep your eye out for the next in the series of Pre-preparation emails for our Vision Board Creation & Goal Setting Workshop.


Follow these simple steps to take positive action toward your desired lifestyle.

I can give you the tools to take advantage of this golden opportunity, however, the ACTION is yours to take – so I encourage you to take the time to do the work and see the results.

Spiritual Intelligence would say

“Your higher self is making moves your current self will often

not understand but will thank you for it later.”

Sandra Dalziel

Wheel of Life Assessment

To obtain this Wheel of Life Assessment, download the Christian version here.

If you missed taking me up on the bonus offer of the Wheel of Life at the time of the registration of the Vision Board and Goal Setting Workshop, and would now like to obtain the awesome tool, I am pleased to offer you another opportunity to do so.

In this Wheel of Life Success Sheet, you will answer a series of questions for each area to determine for yourself the areas in your life that are strong and the areas where you still need to put some personal growth and development effort.

The value of this power-packed Wheel of Life Assessment is $86.25, but because it is such an incredible addition to the “Vision Board Creation, Goal Setting Workshop” I know you will want to add it to your personal self-discovery process.

A Little About Me

My Mission

To empower and equip idividuals to uncover their unfulfilled desires

and turn their personal potential into success so they can live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Let’s work together

Let me help you become all that God has planned, prepared and paid the price for you to live. My Heart Passion.

My specialization

There are many Life Coaches, Mentors, Trainers and Teachers in the marketplace today. While I cannot speak to their quality, education and training, I can speak for my own. I have been working with individuals, in varying capacities over the past 30 years and have seen proven results in the methods of teaching, training and personal life growth planning.

I have had students that I taught come back to me in their adult years and expressed how the mentoring I did with them launched them into their dream career. I have worked with stay-at-home moms who are frustrated and feeling trapped find the joy in their day and mentored them to have healthy and happy marriages.

The facts speak for themselves.

Why work with me?

So, what makes me different?

When you work with me, whether one-on-one, in a workshop or through one of my courses you don’t just have me helping you. You have the power and the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ who walks along side with His Wisdom, His knowledge and His Understanding.


But it is true. There is nothing in my life, in my coaching that I do on my own. Prayer is the central focus of my day and living with the presence of the Lord Jesus in my life.


Yes, that is true also. Even before you have signed up for my programs, you have been prayed for. From the inception of this business, I have taken the time to pray for you. My Lifestyle Coaching Business was birthed in prayer with you in mind. I may not know your name, or your face, but what I do know is that you have not arrived at my website by accident.


Now is the time to open your heart and allow the Lord Jesus to walk with you into your successful lifestyle with joy, peace and fulfillment.
It is a journey that I truly desire to take with you.

What do I do?

By definition a coach is a person who trains, a private tutor who prepares a student and a person who teaches and instructs, and a mentor is a mentor is a wise and trusted counselor, teacher or an influential who would be a senior sponsor or supporter.

Sandra is the best of both because she will take you through the strategic growth process of a coach, but with a heart and a love from the Lord she will lovingly encourage reaching into a relationship level to help bring you to the other side to attain victory.

My heart passion

The entire reason that I teach, train, coach and mentor is to help you achieve the same wonderful success that I have.

I truly life a life of peace, joy and harmony in every area of my life. This is what I desire for you, and Jesus has truly shown me from His Word how this is possible for each of us. We can have it all, in this life. We can have happiness, find the mate of our dreams or turn our miserable marriage into a joyful one, have our dream job or start our desired business. We can strategically get out of debt and find monetary prosperity. We can enjoy our children and wake up every single morning with a sense of joy and peace.

The days we are living in are not like any other time in History. These are the days when the children of God can and will rise up in power and take possession of what truly belongs to us.

  • What is a coach?

    A coach is someone who “partners with clients in a thought provoking & creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

    We see coaching as a profession that distinguishes itself by helping people discover how to bring their choices and actions more in line with their goals, facilitating change in their personal life.

  • What is a mentor?

    A mentor is important. If you do not wish to do Coaching sessions, the next best thing is to find a mentor.

    A mentor is someone who there for you through a longer and ongoing period of time and is usually someone who you admire and learn to trust. This trust allows you to open up over time and receive gentle nudges to making your life changes.

    The purpose of coaching is to improve the individual’s performance, but a mentor is a longer term in which a relationship develops within a safe environment and assists the individual with personal growth items such as work/life balance, self-confidence, self-perception. To accomplish a successful mentoring relationship takes time, but usually has life changing results.