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Wahoo! We did it… we completed all 3 Webinars in the Change Your Thinking, Change Your Future.

I trust you were abundantly blessed and gleaned much from this free training.

I am thrilled to provide you with your “Hope Chest” Gifts, I am asking for 3 things from you.

  1. For you to complete this questionnaire, including giving me at least 2 referrals of others you know will be blessed by this training
  2. A short testimony and or comments about how this “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Future” Series has helped you.
  3. Book a FREE 30-minute Coaching Call with me (valued at $75.00)

Does that sound fair, yes! Awesome, so once you complete this questionnaire you will be emailed a link to the Hope Chest and you will have immediate access to all the treasure inside.

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Be sure to check out this fabulous new group meeting. All the ‘deets’ are inside your Hope Chest, so don’t miss out.

See you there!

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Change Thinking Questionnaire - Claim your “Hope Chest”

Change Thinking Questionnaire - Claim your “Hope Chest”

Thank you for joining the Change Your Thinking, Change Your Future Webinar Series. I would like to schedule a FREE 30-Minute Coaching Call with you. After completing the questionnaire you will be redirected to my booking page to schedule our appointment.

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Upon submitting this form, you will be directed to my Booking page and you can pick the day and time to meet. These Free 30-minute Coaching Calls, valued at $75.00 for 30 minutes, so I encourage you to take advantage of this awesome gift. Upon submission, you will receive an email with the link to the Hope Chest.